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What are Responsibility for Wrongful Request of Arrest of Ship?

According to Article 131 of Vietnam Maritime Law, the wrongful request of arrest of ship in Vietnam shall be subject to financial obligations. In particular:

The applicant for arrest of a ship must be held legally liable for his request. If the request for arrest of a ship is wrongful, which may lead to any loss, such applicant shall be responsible for compensating for any loss or damage possibly incurred.

Any loss or damage that may be incurred from consequence of such request for wrongful arrest shall be dealt with as agreed upon between parties. Where there is any disagreement or dispute that may arise, the Court or Arbitration Tribunal shall be requested to settle this disagreement and dispute in accordance with laws.

If the Court that grants a judgement on arrest of a ship which is not based on the reasons for a request for arrest or does not serve on the ship as the right subject matter of such request, which may cause any loss or damage, it shall be liable for any compensation in accordance with laws and regulations.
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