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04 important things that enterprises must take into consideration in 2018

The policies and guidelines in effect from 2018 which may have significant influence on enterprises, including:
1. Simplification of documentation required for application for enterprise registration:

This is a guideline set out in the Resolution No. 136/NQ-CP dated December 27, 2017 on the plan to simplify administrative procedures and citizen's papers related to management of residents under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Accordingly, documentation requirements and contents of application and declaration forms necessary to apply for registration of establishment of enterprises will be subject to changes in the coming time, specifically including:

- Repealing the documentation requirement such as “Citizen Identification card, ID card, passport or other legally-required documents" for application of registration of enterprises.

- Replacing certain personal identification information by “personal identity numbers" existing in sample forms and declarations required by enterprise registration formalities.

Additionally, the Resolution provides a guideline to cancellation of the requirement for submission of personal identification documents in several formalities for outward and inward investment in Vietnam.

2. Support policies for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

From January 1, 2018 the 2017 Law on Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises enters into force and provides a number of support policies for these enterprises, specifically including:

- Credit access support: Establishing the Credit Guarantee Fund to grant guarantee for corporate credit;

- Tax and accounting support: Allowing enterprises to apply the CIT rate in the definite term which is less than the one normally applied to other enterprises.

- Production premise support: Allocating unoccupied land for development and construction of industrial clusters, agricultural, forestry and aquacultural product processing zones; granting subsidies for the price of land lease for industrial parks, hi-tech parks and industrial clusters operating in local jurisdictions.

- Technological support; support for incubation centers, technical centers and shared working places: Supporting technological innovation and development; granting exemption from and reduction in land rental, non-agricultural land use and corporate income tax.

- Market expansion support: Establishing product distribution chains.

- Information, consultancy and legal support: Permitting enterprises to have access to information through the national portal for corporate support; granting exemption from and reduction in consultancy costs charged for use of consultants’ services.

- Personnel development support: Granting relief from costs of participation in business and business management training courses.

Especially, the Law prescribes particular policies intended for enterprises transformed from business households and small or medium-sized startups.
3. Elimination of a great number of business requirements

The Decree No. 08/2018/ND-CP provides for removal and reduction of a lot of business requirements in such sectors as oil and gasoline, cigarettes, electricity, commercial franchising, electronic commerce, chemical, industrial explosive and food. Below are typical examples:

- Elimination of certain requirements concerning oil and gasoline manufacturing and business;

- Elimination of requirements concerning the franchisee party involved in commercial franchising activities;

- Repeal of the requirement saying, "it is mandatory that websites must have legitimate domain names and conform to regulations on management of information available on the Internet”, which is one of the requirements for establishment of e-commerce websites for sale of commodities and provision of services.

The Decree No. 08/2018/ND-CP will enter into force from January 15, 2018.

4. Requirements for granting business licenses to foreign investors

The Decree No. 09/2018/ND-CP entering into force from January 15, 2018 has laid down provisions on innovation of requirements for granting the license to purchase and sell goods to foreign investors, specifically including:

- Covering more persons eligible for being granted the business license, including foreign investors who do not belong to member countries or territories of international treaties of which Vietnam is a member (in contrast to the previous regulation under which only foreign investors belonging to member countries of international treaties of which Vietnam is a member are eligible for such business license).    

- Covering more goods and services which are eligible for the business license, including those which are not endorsed in international treaties of which Vietnam is a member (in contrast to the previous regulation under which only goods or services in which Vietnam is committed to open the market are eligible for such business license).

In each of the aforesaid cases, foreign investors are bound to meet certain requirements and criteria.
Source: Thuvienphapluat .vn
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