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Vietnam Customs Law 2014

On 23rd June 2014, the Vietnam National Assembly has issued the new Vietnam Customs Law. This new law comprises of 8 Chapters, 104 Articles and shall come into effect on 1st January 2015.
Accordingly, the new 2014 Vietnam Customs Law is focusing on customs procedure reform, modernization of customs administration, codify international laws on international commitment in order to meet the requirements and facilitate integration beneficial for import and export activities; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customs operations management.

Article 23 of the law regulates the custom documents towards reducing the numbers of papers of customs documents required in the relevant documents to be submitted when doing customs procedures i.e. commercial invoices, import-export document.  Custom documents can also be in writing or electronic invoices.
Besides, the new Vietnam Customs Law boosts the management practices from pre-check to post- check. Mechanism of post-clearance inspection for a period of 5 years is strictly specified in terms of objects, conditions and sanctions when a violation is detected. This provision not only facilitates but also tightly controls the flow of goods to ensure that it is in compliance with the customs declaration.
Clause 6 Article 88 of the 2014 Vietnam Customs Law regarding the jurisdiction of the customs authorities in the application of prevention of smuggling and illegally transporting goods across borders has been supplemented to detail the measures to control custom.
In addition, the provisions of Article 92 stipulates that Customs agency, customs officers shall be equipped with and using professional technical facilities, weapons, support tools, flags, signal flares, lights, screening, biochemical technology, mechanical equipment, electrical, electronic and other means as prescribed by law to perform the task of preventing and battling against smuggling, illegal transport of goods across the border. The equipment and the use of weapons and tools to support prescribed by law shall be governed in complied with regulations for management and use of weapons, explosives and support tools. These are important provisions to prevent and battling against smuggling, illegal transport of goods across the border.
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