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List of Investment Sectors With Conditions Applied to Foreign Investors

In general, investment is encouraged in Vietnam. However, when setting up a company in Vietnam, foreign investors need to be aware of investment sectors with conditions applied to foreign investors in Vietnam.

The following sectors with investment conditions are issued with Decree 108/2006/ND-CP dated September 22nd 2006 of the Government on guiding the implementation of some Articles in the Law on Investment:
1. Radio and television.
2. Production, publication and distribution of cultural products.
3. Mining and mineral processing.
4. Set up telecommunication network infrastructures, broadcasting, provide telecommunications and internet services.
5. Construction of the public postal network, provide postal services, delivery services.
6. Construction and operation of river ports, sea ports, airports.
7. Transportation of goods and passengers by railway, airway, road, sea, inland waterway.
8. Fishing.
9. Tobacco production.
10. Real estate business.
11. Businesses in the field of export, import and distribution.
12. Education and training.
13. Hospital and clinic.
14. Other areas of investment in the international treaties to which Vietnam is a member that restricting the market access for foreign investors.
The investment conditions applicable to foreign investors with investment projects in the fields of investment provided with this list shall be in accordance with the provisions of the international treaties to which Vietnam is a member.
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