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How to Oppose Applications for Registration of the Mark Protection in Vietnam?

Vietnam Law on Intellectual Property allows any third party to have right to denounces the opposition of trademark applications for registration which have identical or confusingly similar signs.
As from the date an application for registration of mark is published in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property up until prior to the date of issuance of a decision on grant of a protection title, the third party shall express the opposition to the competent State administrative body including explanations, argument and evidence the opinion. Such opinions must be made in writing and be accompanied by documents or must quote the source of information.
Opposition to trademark applications plays a great role for the protection of trademark owner that prevents counterfeiting, duplication, infringement and trademark registration in contravention of law.

01 Power of attorney (as form)
Documents and evidences to prove the opposition bases.
(ANT Lawyers could consult client specifically and particularly about the evidences and documents).
Opposition procedures
After receiving a disapproval application for registration of mark, National Office Intellectual Property (NOIP) has a dispatch to answer the disapproval application within 10 working days from date received a dossier. NOIP also sends disapproval opinions to owners of application for registration of mark protection.
Owners of application for registration of mark protectionhas opinions about this disagreement and give proofs that the application for registration of mark protection is suitable with requirement of Intellectual Property law
NOIP is pursuant to argument, proof and regulation law of parties for agree or refuse to grant a protection title
Opposition dossier includes:
Disapproval declaration (02 copies following form)
Explanation documents for disagreement of protection title issue
Attachment proofs.
Power of attorney (if an application is filed through representative of owner’s mark)
Fee, charge vouchers relating disagreement following regulations in law.
There is no duration stipulation in Vietnamese law. As our usual, NOIP will take from 6 months to 9 months to examine.

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