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Criminal Record Granting for Foreigner

In order to be granted the work permit for foreigner, completing the immigration or reside procedures in a country, foreigners who are or have been residing in Vietnam must apply for a criminal record for the time that they residing in Vietnam.

Foreigners who are or have been temporarily residing in Vietnam have the right to request the Department of Justice of the province or city where they are residing or the National Centre for Criminal Record to issue the criminal record, in order to confirm that people have or do not have criminal records while residing in Vietnam. The person requesting for criminal record card can authorize another person on their behalf to complete procedures to obtain the criminal record.
ANT Lawyers can assist clients to apply for: Criminal record card no 1 and Criminal record card no 2
Individual when requesting for criminal record issuance have to provide the following documents:
·        For Vietnamese:
– A written declaration requesting for the issuance of criminal record;
– Certified copy of identity card, passport, family record book, temporary residence book, temporary residence card, permanent resident card in Vietnam (should present the original for comparison);
– Confirmation of permanent residence in Vietnam before leaving the country (applies to Vietnamese who are living in foreign countries).
·        For Foreigner:
– A written declaration requesting for the issuance of criminal record;
– Copy of the passport and visa that are still valid;
– Confirmation of temporary residence in Vietnam.
Implementation time: 3-7 working days.

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