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How Foreigners Could Work in Vietnam Legally

Foreigners working in business set-up in Vietnam are expatriates which are normally required work permit in Vietnam.
As the Vietnam law’s restrictions to encourage employment of local employee over foreign employee, normally, the employment of an expatriate is limited to a managerial position or to a position which Vietnamese employee are not yet qualified.

There are exemption of work permit in Vietnam as following cases:
A capital contributing member or owner of a limited liability company which is registered to operate in Vietnam;
A member of the Board of Management of a shareholding company which is registered to operate in Vietnam;
A chief of a representative office or of a project of an international organization or a non-governmental organization in Vietnam;
The foreigner enters Vietnam for less than three months to offer services;
The foreigner enters Vietnam to work for less than three months or to handle an emergency case and that cannot adequately be addressed within Vietnam;
A lawyer who has received a Certificate for the practice of law in Vietnam granted by the Ministry of Justice;
The foreigner is a student studying and working in Vietnam;
An intra-corporate transferee working in Vietnam;
The foreigner provides expert and technical consultancy services or undertakes other tasks with respect to research, formulation, evaluation, monitoring and assessment, management and implementation of a program or project using official development aid (“ODA”);
The foreigner has a media license issued by the MOFA;
The foreigner is appointed by a competent authority of a foreign country to teach at an international school which is managed by a foreign diplomatic office or an international organization in Vietnam;
The foreigner a volunteer;
The foreigner has a master’s degree or higher or similar qualifications and provides consultancy, teaching, or conducts scientific research at a university or vocational college for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days; or
The foreigner implements an international agreement signed by a Vietnamese government authority, a provincial body or a central socio-political organization.
In order for an expatriate to be exempted from a work permit, the employer must file an application with the provincial labor authority.  Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee will be consulted and if approval, he/she will issue a written consent to each employer regarding the employment of expatriate.
In order to ensure compliance in immigration, labor employment, foreign owned enterprises are suggested to consult with employment lawyers in Vietnam.  We at ANT Lawyers, a law firm in Vietnam with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City would be able to assist clients in employment matters and could be reached at email: or office tel: +848 35202779.

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