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When Will Foreigner Need to Obtain Criminal Record?

In the process to grant the work permit for foreigner working in Vietnam, it is required the foreigner to have the criminal record in their dossier.
Foreigner applying for criminal record to obtain work permit in Vietnam is divided into 2 cases.
In the first case, foreigner who is in foreign country or in Vietnam less than 06 months has to apply for criminal record in foreign country. The laws of each country are not the same therefore the regulation on criminal record application is also different.

Also please note that the criminal record which is issued by another country, when using in Vietnam to apply for work permit, it must be translated, legalized and notarized in accordance with the law of Vietnam.
In the second case, foreigner temporarily residing continuously in Vietnam for 06 months or above can apply for criminal record in Vietnam. In Vietnam, the competent authority that granting the criminal record for foreigner is the Department of Justice of the province or city where foreigner is residing.
For example, Peter is an Australian and currently living in Hanoi, Peter must go to the Department of Justice in Hanoi to apply for criminal record. If Peter is temporary residing in Bac Ninh, he must go to the Department of Justice in Bac Ninh to apply for criminal record.
Source: ANT lawyers

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