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License to Organize International Conference for Business

The organizing of international conference or conference without international element must be approved by the competent state authority in accordance with law. The reason is that the conferences have to be managed by the authorities competent in terms of the contents of the conference, ensuring that no policies and laws are violated.
In this article the author would like to introduce the order and procedures for organizing international conference in Vietnam under the provisions of the current law of Vietnam.
International conference is a meeting activity with foreign element that is held in the form of a direct meeting on the territory of Vietnam, or held in the online form with at least one bridgehead is within the territorial of Vietnam. It includes:
– Conferences organized by Vietnam agencies and organizations with the foreign participation or sponsorship;
– Conferences organized by foreign agencies and organizations.
Under the provisions of the law of Vietnam, the competent authority that permit the organization of international conference is Prime Minister for the high-level international conference with participants are heads, officials, ministers or equivalent positions of countries, territories and international organizations; international conference with contents related to politics, security, defense, ethnic, religion, human right, border or within the range of state secrets. The heads of the central and local authorities have right to decide on the organization of international conferences that are not under the above cases and in accordance with the powers and responsibilities of their management.
In order to get the license to organize international conference, organizations have to follow the following procedures:
– Get written opinion of the management authority. The management authority has the responsibility to respond in writing within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of receipt of the request.
– Have the report together with organizational scheme and submit to the heads of the competent authority for approval. The time limit for submission is at least 20 days before the expected organizing day. The scheme must specify:
+ The reason, name of organization, purpose of the conference;
+ Time and venue for conference organization; attractions, surveys (if any);
+ Form and technology of the conference organization (in the case of organizing online conference);
+ Contents, work programs and activities on the sidelines of conference;
+ Participants in the organization of conference: the Vietnam authorities, the foreign agencies, funding agencies (if any);
+ Participants: number and structure of participants, including Vietnam and foreign delegates;
+ Funds;
+ Written opinion of the concerned agencies and localities (if any).
– Conducting conference in accordance with programs and schemes that have been approved by the competent authorities; complying with the current regulations on spending and the financial settlement.
– Send a report summarizing the results of conference for heads of the competent authority that has approved the conference organization within 15 days after the end of the conference.
Finally, it is clear that Vietnam law has fairly tight regulations on the procedure to organize international conference, aimed at eliminating the spreading of unhealthy information, opposing the policy of the state, creating healthy media and culture environment.
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