Thứ Tư, 2 tháng 11, 2016

Decision 36/2016/QD-TTg Regulates the Tax Rate for Imported Goods

Decision No. 36/2016/QD-TTg dated September 1st 2016 of the Prime Minister prescribed the normal tax rate for imported goods at Point c, Clause 3, Article 5 of the Law on export and import tax.
Accordingly, the import duty of 5% will be applied to many items, such as: Smart cards; Telephone answering machines; Cell phone for cellular mobile network or other wireless networks; Vacuum cleaner; Uninterruptible power supply (UPS); Automatic payment machine; Electronic computer that can operate without external power source and recorder, reproducing and displaying data, pocket-size with calculator function; Dry washing machines; Flat iron; Offset/Roll printing machine; Printer – photocopy machine, print using inkjet/laser technology…
For imported goods that are not included in the above list of normal import tariff and not in the case of imported goods that are enjoying preferential tax rates or special preferential tax rate under Point a and b, Article 5 of the Law on export and import tax, then may be subject to the ordinary tax rate equal to 150% of the preferential import tariff of each corresponding items in Annex II of Decree No. 122/2016 /ND-CP on September 1st 2016.
The Decision takes effect from September 1st 2016.
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