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Decree No. 59/2015/ND-CP on Management of Construction Investment Project

On June 18th 2015, the Government issued Decree No. 59/2015/ND-CP on the management of construction investment project. Notably, there is provision on the issuance of construction practicing certificate for individuals who are Vietnam citizen, foreigners that are legally conduct construction activities in Vietnam to take over the position, engaging in works for that position or independent practicing as prescribed.
In order to be certified, individuals must have the capacity for civil acts; have residence permit in Vietnam (for foreigners and Vietnamese residing abroad); meets the requirements of professional, experience examination and legal knowledge relating to the professional practicing field; have university degree in suitable majors, have experiences joining the work with the content requesting for practicing certificate issuance from 7 years or more for the grade I certificate, 5 years for the grade II certificate and 3 years if individuals have university degree or from 5 years if they have degree of college, professional secondary school for the grade III certificate.
Construction practicing certificate is valid for the maximum period of 5 years. The construction practicing certificates that were granted by competent State agencies are allowed to continue to use until expiry; after March 1st 2016, individuals wishing to use practicing certificate must implement procedures requesting for certificate issuance under the new rules.
Particularly for individuals, foreigners or Vietnamese residing abroad that had practicing certificates which are granted by the foreign agencies and organization, when practice construction activities in Vietnam from 6 months upwards shall be recognized to practice. The case of practicing in Vietnam from 6 months upwards, it is necessary to convert the certificate at the Ministry of Construction.
Other notable content of the Decree is the regulation on the publication of information about capacity of the organizations involved in construction activities. Accordingly, organizations involving in the construction works have to submit information about their capabilities to the professional agencies to to be posted publicly on the website managed by that agency.
This information is the basis for the selection of organizations and individuals involved in the planning, establishment and verification of the construction project; management of construction investment project; surveying, construction supervision…
Decree No. 59/2015/ND-CP takes effect from August 5th 2015.
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