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For foreigners wishing to come to Vietnam to work and reside temporarily, they need to either set-up a company in Vietnam or work for others. The owner of the company does not need a work permit but still need to apply for temporary residence card.

However, the foreign employee will need the employer to sponsor the work permit in Vietnam before applying for temporary residence card. A recent draft law on entry, exit and residence of foreigner in Vietnam has been proposed with some changes. The draft regulates many open provisions on entry-exit procedure, temporary and permanent residence conditions for foreigner to reside in Vietnam. ANT Lawyers always follows the new updates about administrative procedures in Vietnam to provide our client with the best service.
The new draft law details conditions for granting the temporary residence card for foreigners working in Vietnam, rising term of this card from 3 year to 5 year. The foreigners’ category expands to scientists and specialists residing in Vietnam for the purpose of attracting international talents, the foreigners who don’t have any type of document proving nationality, and have resided in Vietnam before the year 2000. The foreigners holding temporary residence card must change card per periodically 10 years at the issuing offices. The draft law does not allow the foreigners to change the entry purpose, but allows them to supplement the purpose of belonging persons in some specific cases such as in term of diplomatic representative offices, consulate, international representative office of United Nations and students at universities, colleges, schools.
For more information or requirement of legal services to obtain temporary residence card in Vietnam, we could assist. 
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