Thứ Hai, 9 tháng 5, 2016


The Draft Law on House (amended) has currently taken lots of attentions of not only investors but residents. One of the significant amendments is provision on house ownership of foreign organizations, individuals.

According to Articles 161, 162, 163 of Draft Law, there are 3 cases that the foreigners may own resident houses in Vietnam as following:

  1. Foreign organizations, individuals invest the construct resident houses according to projects for sale, lease, hire-purchase sale.
  2. Foreign owned enterprises, branches, representative offices of the enterprises without business in real estate, foreign investment funds and branches of foreign banks permitted to operate in Vietnam are entitled to buy, donate, inherit the commercial houses in projects of resident housesdevelopment, new urban areas, tourism real estate.
  3. Foreign individuals who are allowed to enter Vietnam, not belong to incentive rights, diplomatic or consular immunity.
However, subjects at section 2 and 3 are eligible to own houses in maximum term of 70 years, from the issuance date and can extend according to laws at that moment. They are not allowed to buy and own social houses, just buy and own commercial houses. They are also eligible to own unlimited number of commercial houses in commercial resident house development projects, new urban area or tourism real estate. These new provisions will become important points for real estate market in Vietnam. Especially, the foreign individuals are allowed to enter Vietnam, entitled to buy and own resident houses in Vietnam. It’s expected to make a big change in real estate in Vietnam when the new Law on House (amended) is adopted. ANT Lawyers,your lawyers in Vietnam.

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